Reference Projects

Three bee colonies have been living on the premises of the Bischofshof brewery in Regensburg since 2018 and feel extremely comfortable there. They contribute to the pollination of the environment. A specially designed bee trail is open to those interested and the adjacent primary school. With the collected data from the bee colonies, the children get an insight into the bee year.


Live data from the bee hives

In 2017, the Magenta Bee Initiative was launched by Deutsche Telekom AG. Digital bee colonies were set up at several locations within Europe.
Über Mobilfunk vernetzt und auf der hochsicheren und skalierbaren Open Telekom Cloud bereitgestellt, laufen die Daten zusammen.

This has meanwhile grown into an independent project, which examines the areas of the group for sustainable usability.

Zusätzlich wird der Honig in digitalen Honiggläsern abgefüllt und in der Telekom Zentrale im Shop verkauft.

Porr has settled bees at 40 company locations and is already an established bee player on the market.

Since 2021, Porr has also been using the digital systems from BeeAndme, such as the beehive monitor, to give the bees even more undisturbed time.

Some of the bee colonies stand above the roofs of the Austrian state capital.


Digital Bee Projects - Ready to Broadcast

Depending on your requirements, we provide data-based, relevant, up-to-date bee communication content for your company. We give your company the tools (technology + data) and our knowledge (evaluation of the data) so that they can quickly and easily communicate current "bee facts" of the company's own beehives and their connection with the environment, adapted to the desired communication channel.

Ongoing storytelling to engage employees and customers. Education of the public (school classes, social media.) on bee issues and the impact on the environment.

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