Brauerei Bischofshof - Regensburg

Bischofshof Brewery

Bischofshof brewery settles three bee colonies in Regensburg. They are using the BeeAndme system together with their school research project.

Bienenstöcke Königsbrunn

T-Systems International GmbH / Munich

Live Cam to one of many bee locations within the magenta Telekom Group and their global bee project.

Witty GmbH - Dinkelscherben

Witty stands up for the bees!

Witty is a German company which is responsible for water quality products and now even for 5 bee colonies.

NEWS: A smart Babyphone for Bees Can digitisation ensure the survival of bees? The technology of wants to make it enormously easier to keep the precious pollinators healthy - and thus the whole ecosystem.

News (German), "CeBIT 2017: Daten aus dem Bienenstock helfen Imkern"

Bees are extremely important for nature. But the number of busy little animals is drastically decreasing. The start-up company Bee and Me is now providing beekeepers with data from the beehive to stop this trend.