Das BeeAndme-Ökosystem

Wir arbeiten mit unseren nationalen und internationalen Kunden eng zusammen um unser Portfolio zu erweitern und zu optimieren.
Dadurch haben wir eines der besten Systeme am Markt für unsere Kunden verfügbar.

www.1nce.com - 1nce offers the world's first IoT Flat Rate. Connect your IoT devices for 10 years for only 10 euros covering all necessary costs.

is the portal and backend development provider for the BeeAndme Website and analytic Portal.

Croatian company which is delivering hardware and electronical equipment for precision measurement.

High End Data Center Infrastructure for AI Analytic and Infrastructure

Durable and impressing marketing prints and products

Cooperation with data scientists and business experts for AI analytic

is our strong partner in bee research and AI optimisation, aswell as bee keeping.

www.BeeInTouch.de - Flexible, intuitive and best in class bees stock card

www.MEDEWO.com - Partner for innovative and sustainable product packaging