We are the digital bee ambassador

BeeAndme combines innovative technology with beekeeping expertise and communication skills. ein Nachhaltigkeitsprogramm für Unternehmen, welches unsere Natur und Umwelt positiv verändert.

As "bee ambassadors" we offer you various sustainability packages with the possibility for your company to give bees a new home on your own premises or even on leased land. In this way, you help the ecosystem in your region in a very targeted way. We support you with the integration of your beehive live data on your desired website or within your social media channels.

At the same time, thanks to our "ready-to-publish" service, you can communicate what's happening with your bees in a data-driven and daily updated way, both inside and outside the company.

Get to know our products, which are tailored to your company's bee project.

Why BeeAndme?

BeeAndme are the digital bee ambassadors and also make your CR project successful. Benefit from many years of experience with large international clients and partners.
We work together with you and our network to make a sustainable difference for biodiversity.

Insect mortality is a global reality. Your company’s bee project will increase the number of bees on earth. This creates a "safe haven" for the bees and you actively contribute to the preservation of the community through increased pollination.

Many people miss the connection: bee - pollination - essential food (30% of plants depend on cross-pollination, of which 80% pollination contribution by honey bees).

Companies have the communication power as well as the "multiplier effect". Through a digital bee project, you can also contribute to raising awareness among the population and at the same time permanently associate this positive topic with your company.