What is BeeAndme?

The founding story of BeeAndme starts 2017 with a student of Electrical Engineering in Montenegro wanting to help her Grandpa. Her Grandpa is beekeeper for years and has the privilege of having his beehives in the honey season in the wild and untouched area of a National Park in Montenegro.

While this brings a special quality to the honey his millions of little helpers are collecting, the location also represents a challenge in terms of travel distance on a regular basis for the older man. Because it is mandatory that a beekeeper needs to regularly check on the wellbeing and the progress of honey collection of his bee population.

As “Grandpa” grows older, the travel distance becomes more and more of a burden and the young student, on her way to become a data scientist, asks her fellow student to help her create a technological device to monitor with sensors the key data of the bees from the distance and to transfer them to the (non smart-)phone of Grandpa.

This was the founding moment of BeeAndme, with the vision of not only helping Grandpa but many other beekeepers to implement precise beekeeping with technological support.


Where do we currently stand?

Like in every good story, we have a happy ending on the personal and emotional side: the two students got married and decided to redirect their interests more into the academic fields. This is why we have decided to step in and bring the student’s vision to life.

BeeAndme is not student project anymore except of the emotional spirit which we will keep in our hearts. Already supporting BeeAndme from the early steps of testing and learning, we have decided to invest time, a lot more money and technology to make BeeAndme a cutting-edge product in terms of the stability and simplicity.

Für jeden Imker ist es wichtig, zuverlässige Daten über seine Bienenstöcke zu erhalten, unabhängig davon, wo sie sich befinden. Sie brauchen nicht an die komplexen technischen Dinge wie die Kalibrierung der Sensoren, Mobilfunkverträge oder die Konfiguration zu denken. Der BeeAndme Bienenstockmonitor ist alles, was Ihr Bienenstock wirklich braucht.

For every bee keeper it is important to get reliable data of his beehives, no matter where they are located. No need to think about the confusing technical stuff like calibration of the sensors, mobile plans or the configuration. The BeeAndme bee hive monitor is all the smart your hive really needs.

The industrial proved load cell is the heart of the system. It is extremely accurate, comes already calibrated and is stable against any weather conditions. Completed by temperature and humidity sensors you are always up to date what the little honey collectors’ homes health is. The nest temperature sensor gives you a look into the hive – remotely – without disturbing the girls and the possibility to react fast in case of any anomaly.

No need of getting a lot of useless messages on your phone every day, just telling you that everything is ok. The BeeAndme analytic portal only alerts you when it is really necessary but you have of course the possibility to log into the portal at any time. There you can see the all the data visualized and compare it with the other hives or locations you have in your portfolio.

BeeAndme – alles, was Ihr CR Projekt braucht!

Start der Hard- und Softwareentwicklung

Aus einer Idee, dem Opa über ein IoT System zu helfen sind erste Prototypen und Testsysteme entstanden.

Foundation of the GmbH
We became a company

The long way from the idea to the foundation. We already had a lot of support at that time and so we were able to hold the company register entry in our hands in record time.

Standardization and scaling
We grow

What started out as an idea and a student project is now a professional company. With many partners such as T-Systems and Compax, we have set up a scalable platform.

The world's first talking digital honey jar

Innovation is the spice in our projects. For example, together with Rastal and T-Systems MMS, we were able to develop a "talking honey jar", the so-called "world's first digital honey jar".

A complete success for our projects.

Der Bestäubungsrechner

Anhand der Messdaten der unserer IoT Monitore ermitteln wir die Bestäubungsleistung der Bienenvölker. Damit wird die wirtschaftliche Leistung eines Bienenvolks anschaulich demonstriert