As digital bee ambassadors, we support you in implementing customized bee CR projects as well as communicating about them to make our world a little bit better together.

Benefit from many years of experience with large international clients and partners. We work together with you and our network to make a sustainable difference for more biodiversity.

Would you like to transfer the data to your ERP, MES or other database system? This is also easily possible via the existing API interface, with which you can read out the data of your bee colonies.

CSR Starter Package

High accuracy with simple operation

Our digital hives are equipped with IoT hardware. This hardware is placed under the hive and shows live data about the hive which allows direct data integration & communication via social media channels or your internet website.

High precision hardware, excellent materials and easy operation characterize our system. The activation is done by the single button on the system and afterwards a runtime of up to 10 years is possible. This will save you the hassle of recharging and downtime in winter.

The measurements are regularly and automatically transmitted to the portal. The mobile phone connection is included. No WLAN connection is necessary. Highly accurate, i.e. accurate to 10 grams, the weight data of your bees are recorded. The built-in load cell is extremely robust and offers a long service life.

To integrate the measurement data on your website, you can use a "snippet". This can be easily integrated into many homepage construction kits and of course into all professional websites and shows all current monitor data.

Incl. relevant, up-to-date communication

Depending on your request, we provide you with data-based, relevant, up-to-the-minute bee communication content for your company. We give your company the tools (technology + data) as well as our knowledge (know how + evaluation of data) to communicate interesting as well as up-to-date facts regarding your company's beehives quickly and easily. Hereby we adapt your contributions (up to 12 bee stories per year) to your desired communication channel and prepare them "ready to broadcast".

A wide variety of objectives can be pursued: e.g. ongoing storytelling to engage employees and customers, educating the public (school classes, social media) on bee issues and their impact on the environment, etc.

Living Bees​

Bee colony, beekeeping service, bottling honey

If you do not have bee colonies yet, we are very happy to support you in the procurement. Through our international network we support through a local beekeepers and offer you a honey filling service.


Super Digital

1. Interactive website

In order to make the hive data "snippet" and the customized bee stories accessible at any time with one click and available to everyone, we offer an interactive bee website customized for you. This can additionally be equipped with videos, virtual hive tour, Bee camera etc. can be designed as desired and combined with the QR-Code e.g. be made callable on your honey jar.


Super Digital

2. Digital Honey Jar

The world's first digital honey jar offers you the opportunity to open up an innovative and at the same time sustainable way of an additional communication channel to your customers, employees or other stakeholders and to bring the bees even closer to the people.

A dynamic QR code e.g. on your honey label, allows you to scan the code via a smartphone and go directly to the website of your choice. The content of the QR code can be modified as desired. This allows you to build a 360 degree communication - unique, innovative, flexible, digital and ingenious!

In addition, we offer you the service of campaign tracking, and can read out which code was scanned when, where and how often.

Another option besides the QR code is an NFC chip. Already in the manufacturing process, an NFC chip is incorporated on the honey jar, which can be printed with your company logo. Each chip contains its own ID and here too it is possible to track exactly which chip was scanned when, where and how often.  

Live View

  1. Virtual Hive Tour

Bee colonies are usually placed away from the public on roofs or meadows, but in order to be able to observe the bees at all times, you can make it possible for your beehives and their location to be "close enough to touch" through 3D visualization of your environment.

The perfect link between the real and the digital world.

This visualization allows your customers or any target persons to visit your bees around the clock. So it is possible through the virtual tour to read the live data of the individual hives online.

The tour can be easily integrated on your desired online communication channel. This way, your visitors can be made aware of your bee project virtually and quickly.

Live View

2. Bee hive camera

Experience your bees "up close" and see live what is happening at the hive. With the beehive camera and the integration of this on e.g. your website employees, customers and interested parties can safely and at any time be as close to the hive as possible and pick up a portion of "bee buzz" while having coffee or having a relaxed break .

Bio Diversity​

Flowering meadow, wild bee hotel, logo sign, content

You would like to do something good for the numerous wild bee species?

We are happy to support you in creating their own territory.

We transform fallow meadows into colourful flowering wild bee paradises. (You do not own any meadows or plots of land of this kind? No problem, we can also provide you with these).

In addition, we set up wild bee hotels directly at the flowering area, in which the bees can nest. The territory will be provided with a logo sign including a QR code, which leads e.g. to your website, wild bee hotel camera or tour or also to your communication contributions around the bees.

We will be happy to advise you and contribute our know-how to the planning.